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Walker's Treasure Box Now an Authorized Value Dealer for Lionel Trains

Walker's Treasure Box is pleased to announce that they are now an exclusive Value Added Dealer for Lionel Trains.
"We are excited to be the only ones selling Lionel Trains within a 30 mile radius," stated owner Robert Walker. "This is a big deal for Johnston County and Selma because Selma is the only one of five train stations in the U.S. that has both N/S and E/W crossing tracks. And the only passenger station in Johnston County. Train enthusiasts seek our town out and we all enjoy all of those visitors to Selma.
For Walker's Treasure Box to be able to carry trains in our town feels fantastic. We noticed a high request for trains from our clients and wanted to bring in what they are requesting," continued Walker.
Lionel, Inc. had a two-part interview process as well as a zoom training on new items in the 2024 catalog in order for the Walker's to be able to sell their trains. They contacted the company in December and by January, they were able to sell the trains. Lionel only allows Value Added dealers within a certain range from each other. 
Some of the New and updated items Lionel will be carrying in 2024 are themed trains from popular movies such as Frozen, Polar Express, Barbie, and Wizard of Oz. Other themed trains include John Deere, Bob Ross, Batman, Superman and many more.
Walkers' Treasure Box opened in Downtown Selma in August of 2023. Items include antiques, toys, glassware, collectibles, etc. We strive to carry items that our customers request. This keeps them out of the Big Box stores and shopping locally. We pride ourselves on good customer service to keep our customers coming back.
"We are working on some other important items to carry, so stay tuned for what else we may be bringing to town. We are so honored that Lionel has allowed us to sell their trains here at Walkers' Treasure Box." stated Walker 
Walker's Treasure box is open Monday-Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 1-6 
Please direct all questions to Robert Walker at 919-280-3029