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“Enjoy the View” of Selma's New Engine 11

Selma, North Carolina — The Town of Selma is excited to announce that the Selma Fire Department has received delivery of a brand-new Fire Engine. Engine 11 is a 2023 Pierce Saber Fire Engine that exhibits a 1500-gallon per minute fire pump with a 750-gallon onboard water tank and seating for four firefighters. 

While planning the build of this new engine, the Fire Department explored the opportunity to prepare for the ongoing development and plans for growth around the Town. The truck was customized with a low overall height and a short wheelbase to navigate through tight streets and densely populated areas. 

The department is particularly proud of the design features that make the equipment and firefighting tools necessary for emergency response user-friendly. This design will allow your firefighters to quickly and efficiently deploy lifesaving and property-conserving tools to help protect our citizens. 

You may notice that the color scheme of this new truck is different from other fire engines you may have seen, including Selma’s current fleet. This change of look is a tip of the hat to our founding members, as the original color scheme for the department boasted a solid red body with red painted wheels. 

The public is invited to join the Selma Fire Department for a Dedication and Washdown Ceremony on Sunday, December 3rd at 3:00 PM. Following the dedication, attendees will be asked to join in for the washdown process and officially push this truck into service. 

Be on the lookout as the new Engine 11 will soon be serving the Town of Selma and neighboring communities.