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Special Message from the Triangle East Chamber's Board of Directors

The Triangle East Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has been engaging in important conversations over the course of the last few weeks. We want to make sure our communities know: we are dedicated to connection, growth, and prosperity for all. But we don’t want to only offer words. We want to communicate what we have already been doing to support our residents and what we have decided to do as we move forward. 


First of all, we condemn the violence and injustice perpetrated against people of color in our nation. We grieve the black lives lost due to racism and hatred. We proudly support and stand with our neighbors, members, and business owners of every race in Johnston County and the Triangle East region. In this time, we feel it is vital that we are specific: we support our black community members. Black lives matter. 


As a Chamber, we are dedicated to building a region that benefits every single person who calls it home. We recognize and value the diversity of Johnston County and our surrounding areas. It is a part of our mission to ensure that every community has access to job opportunities, transportation to and from employment, and quality education from birth to college. Through programs like JOCO Works and advocating for commuter rail, the Chamber puts this mission into practice. 


Over the past weeks the chamber has been having numerous discussions on how to proceed and where we can have a positive impact. One of those first steps will be meeting with our community's black leaders to partner in an effort to move us forward to solid solutions.  The chamber has always been about connecting people and that is our first step. We will continue to update you in our progress as we move forward.  We want this to be more than a statement but the beginning of an action plan for making positive change. 


We will continue to advocate for a business climate, economic development, and opportunities for all who live and work in Triangle East. We will continue to do our part in building bridges between communities because our foundation is built on the truth that we are greater together. 


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