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Smithfield-Selma Chamber issues statement on quality education

Greater Smithfield-Selma Area Chamber Statement on Quality Education
Adopted by Chamber Board of Directors 6/23/2015

The Greater Smithfield-Selma Area Chamber of Commerce strongly believes that quality education contributes significantly to our county’s economic health and that it is an issue that concerns everyone in Johnston County -- citizens and business community alike. We are committed to doing the work that will make the Smithfield-Selma area the community of choice for business, industry, their employees and families. While our school system is and should be a primary focus and we acknowledge the need for a high-performing school system, the success of our school system is dependent upon the community’s commitment to collaboration and the establishment of a common agenda that provides solutions. We believe that our schools are a shared responsibility.

To achieve a legacy of excellence in education and economics we should be unified in promoting and enhancing our area’s economic, educational and social well-being. Therefore, our expectations as a Chamber are that the greater Smithfield and Selma communities will take part in advocating for positive change and continuous improvement in the following:

  • our educational systems, resources, and programs from cradle to career;
  • the educational, athletic, and community programs that exist to prepare our youth to be productive members of society.
  • the current housing market;
  • our property taxes;
  • our utility fee structure; and,
  • public services.
Last but not least, we call attention to the lack of representation of Smithfield and Selma on the Board of Education and Board of County Commissioners, and will begin researching a resolution to this oversight.

Finally, we are also calling upon the members of our own organization, the Greater Smithfield-Selma Area Chamber of Commerce, to fully engage in promoting and enhancing our area’s economic, educational and social well-being.  We have faith that our communities can and will do the collaborative work that is necessary to address issues that are preventing progress. 

We want to be at the table when the work begins, and that work begins now with our plans to host public forums in the near future to discuss citizens concerns related to the above issues. Our first Community Conversation has been scheduled for November 30, 2015.

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