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Neuse Charter School Holds Family Night to Shine a Spotlight On Elementary Academics and Arts

On Wednesday, March 22, Neuse Charter of Johnston County held a family night to highlight students’ work in music, art, science and more. The lower academy (Kindergarten-5th grade) performed a spring concert. Science fair projects were on display for grades 3-5. 2nd graders were dressed as a famous American of their choice for the famous American Wax Museum. The students researched a famous American and presented information and details to their classes about what they learned from different famous Americans. 


Neuse Charter’s main building was transformed into an art gallery containing student art inspired by American artists Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. Students also got to make pottery pieces using a kiln purchased for the school by a generous donor. Woven art, origami, paper mache, oil pastels and stamp making were a few mediums present at the Elementary Art Exhibition. 


We learn how to be better artists when we do art together in class. It is a collaborative effort. Every student's dedication in my class teaches me how to become a better teacher. We always hold each other to a higher standard and the final product expresses all the love and trust we shared in our collaboration,” said Elementary Art Teacher Sandra Edwards. “The students worked extremely hard to make their beautiful artwork, so it is no surprise that the turnout was great!”

The enrollment lottery for next school year was held in January, but there is still availability in some grades. If you would like to join the Neuse Charter family for the 2023-2024 school year, please fill out an application for the waitlist on our website: Application for Enrollment