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My Kid’s Club Summer Camp opens with new health and safety measures, innovative program designs

My Kid’s Club (MKC) is pleased to announce the launch of summer camp June 29 through August 12, at the Selma campus. All children between the ages of 8 to 16 are welcome to apply once all existing MKC members from Selma and Smithfield have been admitted. 

“These unique times have compelled us to develop unique approaches and programs to accommodate the necessary health and safety precautions while ensuring a fun and educational experience for the kids,”  said MKC Executive Director Alison Gammage. MKC has redesigned the physical space in order to comply with social distancing and safety requirements. The space will allow MKC staff to work with kids in smaller groups, ensuring they are wearing masks and washing hands. The staff ratio will also be increased, with two adults for every 10 children,  ensuring greater oversight of safety protocols and the added benefit of enabling more individual attention to each child.

“We know that social distancing can be difficult for children to understand and adapt to,” added Gammage. “Our new program designs will help lift some of the burdens they may have felt during months of staying at home and provide tutoring to help them get back on track with school, including guiding them through online education programs and  a newly-created 1,000-book library.” 

The redesigned interior space includes an imagination lab for STEM activities, a fine art space where children can use multiple media to explore their creativity, and new murals that welcome the children. Students will participate in “walking” field trips in the local community, outdoor activities in the “MKC Olympics”  working together to complete challenges using their athleticism, ability to work as a team, problem-solving, and ingenuity. The “Mad Scientist Program” gives kids the opportunity to explore the world through scientific experiments and observations. Older students will also enjoy drumming lessons twice a week from a professional drummer in a recording studio in downtown Selma.

“At the end of the day, being with the kids in person is what this is all about for us at MKC, and we are ready to welcome them back,” said Club Director John Lopp.," I’m sure it’s been tough for kids to understand why they can’t see their friends, visit playgrounds and do things that feel normal to them. We’re excited to have created a safe and inviting experience for them to be with other kids, learning and playing again.” 

For more information email MKC offers free afterschool and summer programs to underserved youth in Jo Co. Those wishing to help support the mission of My Kid’s Club, donations are accepted at Please follow us on our Facebook page to follow along with our summer program with regular updates and photos

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