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LaunchJOCO Applications due September 15th

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner seeking valuable business development services, education, resources, and funding opportunities? Your search ends here. LaunchJoCo is now accepting applications.

LaunchJoCo recognizes that many entrepreneurs are deeply immersed in the day-to-day operations of their businesses, often neglecting the strategic aspects of growth. This program also caters to young companies aiming to solidify their foundation by acquiring essential skills and addressing gaps in their early operational stages.

The program entails a structured curriculum designed to empower participants with the knowledge and tools required to nurture their businesses. Key requirements include:

- Weekly Classes: Attend one class every week, with dinner provided, over a span of twelve weeks. These classes focus on cultivating essential skills to expand your business successfully.

- Homework Assignments: Complete weekly homework assignments aimed at practical application of concepts learned during the program, directly contributing to business growth.

- Active Participation: Engage actively in class discussions and collaborative activities to gain valuable insights and perspectives from fellow entrepreneurs and mentors.

- Mentorship: Benefit from a mentorship opportunity at no cost to you, spanning six months. This mentorship will provide guidance and support tailored to your specific business needs, further enhancing your business development.

LaunchJOCO is committed to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting the growth of small businesses in the community. The program aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to not only work in their businesses but also work on them strategically.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your business to new heights.Visit the LAUNCHJOCO website and apply for LaunchJOCO today.

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