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Johnston County is the backdrop for Cooper proclamation on foreign direct investments

Organization for International Investment Joins Governor and Novo Nordisk Leaders for Clayton Event

Johnston County, N.C. August 4, 2017. Governor Roy Cooper chose Novo Nordisk, which is now roughly doubling its bio-manufacturing operations in Clayton, as the site of a July 26th proclamation on North Carolina’s global investment policy.
“Foreign direct investment supports nearly a quarter of a million jobs in North Carolina,” Governor Cooper told an audience comprised mostly of Novo Nordisk employees. The state now ranks 8th in the U.S. in foreign direct investment-related job growth. There has been a 30 percent surge in employment in North Carolina by foreign firms during the past five years, according to the Governor’s proclamation []. Cooper said talent accounts for the state’s success. “The first question companies ask is, do you have the workforce we need,” he said.
“The evidence shows why FDI is important to the Tar Heel State’s economy,” said Nancy McLernon, president and chief executive officer of the Organization for International Investment (OFII). Last year, the Washington, DC-based organization conducted a study looking at how global companies like Novo Nordisk, Credit Suisse and Food Lion impact North Carolina’s economy. “That study found that these global-company jobs provide compensation that is 39 percent higher than the state’s private-sector average,” McLernon said.
OFII is a non-profit association representing U.S. subsidiaries of global companies, also known as “insourcing companies.” The group works to ensure the United States remains the top destination for global investment. All told, OFII member-companies employ 6.5 million U.S. workers. “Governor Cooper will be the first governor in North Carolina history to issue an Open Investment Policy Statement,” McLernon said. “This statement serves as a powerful signal to potential employers around the globe looking to invest in the United States.”
Chad Henry, corporate vice president of Novo Nordisk DFP, said his company’s arrival in Johnston County 25 year ago – as well as its consistent growth here – was evidence of the mutual benefits FDI creates for companies and communities. “The choice of Clayton for global API production fits nicely within Novo Nordisk’s strategic planning for future manufacturing capacity, just as the choice of Clayton in the early 1990s was for Diabetes Finished Product production – a choice that has worked well for not only Novo Nordisk, but also for Clayton, Johnston County, North Carolina and the United States,” said Henry, a North Carolina native. He noted that Novo Nordisk’s Clayton workforce will soon cross the 1,000 mark. “We’re honored to partner with OFII and Governor Cooper to help showcase the positive impact that foreign direct investment can have on our community and the country.”
The August 2015 announcement of Novo Nordisk’s current $2 billion expansion was followed less than a year later by news that another international bio-manufacturer would also be investing significantly in Johnston County. In April 2016, Grifols Therapeutics announced plans for a $210 million expansion in Clayton. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Grifols is Johnston County’s largest industrial employer, with its current expansion adding another 250 positions.
“In recent years, FDI has put Johnston County on the winning side of the global economy,” said Chris Johnson, director of the Johnston County Economic Development Office. “Companies like Novo and Grifols create sustainable jobs that pay livable wages. They make products that save and improve lives. And their corporate engagement adds value to our communities through things like sponsorships, charitable giving and technical guidance for our educational curricula,” Johnson said. “We’re glad they’re here, and we’re proud that Johnston County can serve as an inspiring example for communities around the state.”
The Johnston County Economic Development Office (JCEDO) facilitates value-added interaction between government, education and the private sector in encouraging and promoting job creation and economic investment in Johnston County. A unit of county government, JCEDO collaborates with local, regional and statewide partners and allies in providing confidential location assistance to businesses and technical support to the county’s 11 municipalities. Its menu of services includes customized digital mapping, labor and wage analysis, site readiness assistance and incentive packaging. For additional information, visit
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