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Johnston County Hams featured in 'Our State' magazine

The local ham producer's product is highlighted in the March 2015 issue as part of a recipe for Carolina Colcannon, a traditional Irish dish of white potatoes and greens. The Southern version features North Carolina sweet potatoes and collards, with ham for St. Patrick's Day, or year round. The story can be found on Page 57 of the magazine.

Rufus Brown’s job title is uppercase: Curemaster. His commitment to that role explains why Smithfield’s Johnston County Hams are world-famous, having been salted, sugared, rubbed, dried, and smoked to perfection. A year’s worth of simulated seasons — a humid winter, windy spring, and the warm temps of summer — create that beloved burgundy-colored, salty-tasting, chewy-textured treat. Even the ham’s aroma is tested, with a stainless steel needle inserted in the heart of the ham. Try to carve yourself a slice “thin enough to read through,” as people say, with breakfast eggs, lunchtime rye, or supper’s biscuit.

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