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Johnston County Board of Commissioners Redistricting

The Johnston County Board of Commissioners is made up of seven (7) commissioners, who are each elected from seven (7) residency districts.  Residency districts mean that each commissioner must reside in his or her district, but all voters in the county are able to vote for all seven (7) seats on the Board.  These are distinct from electoral districts, in which only voters in that district can vote for that commissioner seat.  It is also distinct from an at-large voting system, in which candidates can reside anywhere in the county and all voters elect representatives from all at-large seats.

Generally, counties with residency districts are not required or allowed to redistrict every 10 years, like counties with electoral districts.  However, the North Carolina General Assembly recently passed a local bill that allows the Johnston County Board of Commissioners to redistrict their residency districts.  See 2023 SL 24

The redistricting must be completed in advance of the 2024 election cycle.  Candidate filing for the 2024 election begins on Monday, December 4, 2023 and ends at noon on Friday, December 15, 2023.

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