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It's the brass ring!

The folowing letter to the editor is from 2016 Chamber Board Chair Dwight Morris:

What a fantastic opportunity Johnston County has to break through a long term barrier in new jobs and growth. Our roots are deep and quality of life important to every Johnstonian.  

Some of us remember the amusement park carousel where you spent the entire ride hanging on for dear life as you tried to grab the brass ring. The proposed CSX Intermodal Hub is not quite like that old fair ride where you never could grab the ring or you beat up a finger because this brass ring is much, much bigger and offered as a gift to communities that continue to struggle economically. I see many adults who have no option to even get on the carousel, much less are able to grab a brass ring so they can take care of their families. 

The CSX project is a great boon to Johnston County in itself and beyond it, there is no end to the expansion of other business and industry that will multiply jobs, improve and build infrastructure, expand the tax base we desperately need to repair our schools and build new ones. What retail operation or other industry jobs have you wished we had here in Johnston? With CSX, the odds are you will see it all. 

We are all aware of the need for jobs and growth in eastern Johnston to the coast. Envision the impact the HUB will have for our ports when it plugs into our current transportation network of I-40, I-95, and US 70. Eyes from around the country will fall on Johnston as the place for entrepreneurs, distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturers and perhaps an automobile plant to locate. CSX will help bring additional jobs, prosperity, growth and communities our children will want to work in and raise their families.

History speaks to the impact CSX has already had in the development of many of our communities. Finding the right path to prosperity in any endeavor demands vision and a commitment to the future of our children.  Always a struggle, growth must have a joining of mind, heart and resources in order to create prosperity that will impact all. Let’s make sure the brass ring does not slip from our great county!

Forward with CSX!

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