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Atlantic Coast Pipeline gets green light from SCOTUS

In a win today for eastern North Carolina jobs, economic development and clean energy, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a longstanding precedent allowing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) to cross beneath the Appalachian Trail, like more than 50 other pipelines already do without disturbing its public use.
The ACP will provide a much-needed source of natural gas to eastern North Carolina, bringing with it economic opportunities in an underserved part of our state. While this is an exciting outcome, there is still some work before us in resolving several remaining project permits before we can resume construction.
When in service, here’s what the ACP means for your region and the state:
§With access to a plentiful supply of affordable natural gas, the ACP will help you to attract, compete for and win new manufacturers and industry in your counties. 
·With current infrastructure constrained, the ACP provides a direct new supply of natural gas that will bring enhanced capacity and pressure to eastern North Carolina – something industry and businesses need to operate.
 §Construction of the ACP would create more than 17,000 good-paying jobs and $2.7 billion in economic activity along the pipeline’s three-state route.
·Job positions start at $20-$25 per hour and include free training, veteran’s programs and other benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans.
§The ACP will increase local spending, provide additional tax revenues and offer prospects for a better quality of life in your communities for many years to come.
§The ACP will play an important role in the transition away from coal plants to cleaner natural gas and renewables, a critical part of our comprehensive climate and net zero emissions strategy.
§The ACP serves the strategic interests of our armed forces in North Carolina, strengthening resilient energy supplies for military readiness and national security and reducing the cost to maintain our military forces.
§The ACP will reduce price volatility for all customers when natural gas demand is high during cold winter months.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling is encouraging, and we appreciate everyone who has voiced support for the project. Eastern North Carolina’s energy needs continue to be very important to us, and we want to help the region’s prospects for growth and economic success. To learn more about the project and supporters across the region, visit and

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