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Carolina Packers, Inc is a Semifinalist for the Coolest Thing Made in NC Contest

The NC Chamber proudly presents its fourth annual “Coolest Thing Made in NC'' contest, a vibrant celebration of North Carolina’s enduring and economically vital industries. Our very own Carolina Packers, Inc. is a semifinalist in the contest.

Carolina Packers Inc., a cherished small family-owned business in North Carolina, has passionately crafted Bright Leaf Hot Dogs for over 80 years in the heart of Johnston County. These legendary Bright Leaf Hot Dogs, known as the original red hot dogs of North Carolina, are meticulously prepared using traditional methods, featuring a harmonious blend of fresh, local pork and beef, as well as a unique medley of herbs and spices, ensuring a distinctive flavor profile that’s cherished by all. They are famously enjoyed “All The Way” (ATW), embodying a beloved culinary tradition.These iconic franks have earned their place in the spotlight, gracing the shelves of countless grocery stores, sizzling on grills, rolling along food trucks, and delighting palates in restaurants throughout North Carolina. 

To support Carolina Packers Inc. in their pursuit of greatness, we invite you to cast your vote daily using this link.

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