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Activate Selma's New ''Celebrating Love'' Mural Reveal is Feb. 2

SELMA, NC: Monday Jan. 10, 2022 – Activate Selma and the Johnston County Arts Council
invite all to a mural reveal in downtown Selma on Wednesday, February 2 at 2 pm at Treasury
Antiques, 102 S. Raiford St.

In 2021, Activate Selma partnered with the Johnston County Arts Council to create the new
mural as one of the arts council's 50th Anniversary projects. Selma resident Allyson Caison
coordinated the project, which centers on the theme of “Celebrating Love through Art,
Community and Culture.” Five local artists participated in the painting of the mural: 1. Judy
Boyette, Four Oaks – visual arts, 2. Sue Avera, Smithfield – music, 3. Grace Brantley, Princeton
– writing, 4. Percilla Williams, Selma – dance, and 5. William Strickland, Selma – theatre.

On the writing panel, Brantley painted the word, “love,” in nine languages: 1. Aejong – Korean,
2. Ai – Japanese, 3. Amor – Spanish, 4. Liebe – German, 5. Liefde – Dutch, 6. Love – English, 7.
Mahal – Filipino, 8. Upendo – Swahili, and 9. Yeu – Vietnamese.

The mural will be mounted on the West Anderson Street side of Treasury Antiques in late
January. Shop owners Albert Kensak, a long-standing member of the Town of Selma’s tourism
committee, and his wife, Cornelia, installed lighting so the mural can be seen after sundown.

Coffee on Raiford will serve coffee, and attendees are welcome to leave business cards or
contact information at Selma’s many shops for the chance to win a Valentine’s Day basket.

Activate Selma is a grassroots group of residents, volunteers, and business owners promoting
Selma and all the town has to offer. A dozen or more members of the 157-member group gather
Wednesdays at 9 am at varying locations to spark creative problem-solving. Their motto is, “We
don’t complain, we take action.” Anyone is welcome. Follow them on social media: or Instagram @activateselmanc or

The Johnston County Arts Council provides quality opportunities in the arts for every Johnston
County resident. Check out their website at

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