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2012 Board Chair: Today is the new tomorrow

By 2012 Board Chair, Jason W. Wenzel

Over the last four decades, the Smithfield-Selma Chamber of Commerce has been at the forefront of improving a vast array of quality of life issues for all the citizens in our communities.

In addition to its primary focus of advocating for its 500+ business members, the Chamber has repeatedly and consistently partnered with both of its towns to take on such matters as economic development, diversity, transportation, and education.

It has been blessed with not only a hard-working and dedicated staff, but visionary community leaders who have given freely and generously with their time and resources to promote the greater good.

This year marks the fourth year of the Chamber’s current five year vision plan, “Creating a New Tomorrow: A Smithfield-Selma Community Vision,” a copy of which is available on the Chamber’s website. I encourage you to not only review our current plan, but to take an active part in its execution.

In particular, this year the Chamber has rededicated itself to one of the specific areas of the vision plan’s program of work: highlighting and continuing to improve our overall community image. I am extremely proud of the Chamber’s recent efforts through its Appearance Committee that have addressed particular areas of needs along the respective entranceways to our towns, and specifically the plans it has put in place to improve those areas.

This is just one example of the broad footprint of this Chamber, and as this year’s Board Chair, I am excited to be involved with such a hands-on group that does not just talk about problems but identifies community issues, rolls-up-their sleeves, and takes action to solve the same.

I have vastly enjoyed spending the last ten years practicing law with Narron, O’Hale & Whittington, P.A.; having an office in downtown Smithfield, I have seen first-hand the tremendous growth not only our immediate but also our surrounding area continues to experience.

I encourage each and every one of you – businesses, citizens, students, and visitors alike – to go out and explore the exciting opportunities our communities have to offer. Whether it be a school-related function, a community festival, an athletic endeavor, or a historical or cultural event, spread the word about all the great activities happening right in our own backyard.

And when you are out-and-about, please remember to look for and acknowledge the Chamber plaque as you visit our members’ businesses. By their membership, each of them has pledged their commitment to not only their community but ultimately to you, and every one of us reaps the benefits of their commitment in the enjoyment of our daily lives. We appreciate the trust our members have placed in us, thank them for their continued support, and pledge to continue our efforts in making Smithfield and Selma a preeminent place to live and work.  

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