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Call Pernell, Inc.

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About Us

“I believe our customers want to be able to look at and speak with their comfort providers and feel at ease. They want security. Customers want to be able to say to of themselves, ‘I don’t have to worry, these people are going to take care me and my family.’

They feel good because their home or business is comfortable, and they know they have people that they can count on to keep it that way. They feel good because they are getting their money’s worth.

They have a relationship with their comfort provider to assure satisfaction for days and years to come.They literally feel like they have people who will keep them comfortable forever. That is a relationship people expect when they call Pernell.

That's why many of the same people have counted on us since 1977. Now their children and even grandchildren are grown up, and they count on us to keep their heating and air conditioning systems running, too.

Thanks for finding us. We hope that you call us. You will never have to call another HVAC contractor again.''

- Chandler Pernell - Pernell, Inc. Comfort Coordinator - 919.934.0153


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