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Tuition Scholarship Available For Members and staff/employees

Offer Valid: 01/01/2022 - 12/31/2022
The University of Mount Olive is pleased to extend an offer for a tuition scholarship to all
member organizations of the Triangle East Chamber of Commerce, their employees, and staff.

 Trojan Alliance Partnership and Scholarships 

Thanks for reading... Below is a link to a two minute video from President Croom on the TAP and Scholarships, plus some information below on how to make it happen.
For employees:
  • There are no application fees
  • 10% scholarship for all courses (grad or undergrad)
  • 30% scholarship for 9 hours in a semester at the graduate level or 12 hours at the undergrad level. (Normal is 9 and 12 respectively)
    • Courses at the associate and bachelor’s level are 8 weeks and students usually take two at a time—100% online.
    • Courses for master’s degrees are 100% online.
For employers:
  • All we ask in return is to be told how employers will tell staff about the TAP Scholarship. The method can be whatever you think is best for your people.
    • We can help with flyers, emails and attachments, staff meetings, and even if we are invited to host a table at an event in the workplace, we will do it. We want to reach students the best way possible.
  • There are no costs for employers!
  • There are no quotas on enrollment!

The link below goes to the video from UMO President Dr. Ed Croom on the Trojan Alliance Partnership TAP.

  T H A N K S  

To learn how your organization can participate, contact Dr. Paul Rutter at (919) 299-4818 or his
email at

This Member Promotion is promoted by Triangle East Chamber of Commerce.

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