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Southeast Area Study Update

A large transportation study, the Southeast Area Study (SEAS) Update, has recently begun in our region - across southeastern Raleigh and Wake County and central to western Johnston County. It's an update to the original study completed in 2017.

The SEAS Update will identify and prioritize short, mid, and long-term transportation improvements for the study area. Recommendations will include all modes of travel: bike, walk, rail, bus, cars. The study recommendations will feed into the Triangle region's long-range transportation plan, which is a key way we get state and federal dollars for transportation projects.


Previously, in 2017, the Capital Area MPO (CAMPO) completed the original Southeast Area Study. Designed to be a sustainable transportation strategy for the area, the original study evaluated land use, economic development, and multimodal (freight, highway, transit (bus/rail), bicycle, and pedestrian) issues in the southeastern section of CAMPO's planning area.  This Update will involve extensive community engagement and an evaluation of transportation projects, policies, and priorities that may have evolved or shifted since 2017. The Update will also include a detailed implementation strategy that includes short-term and mid-term recommendations to further the vision of a multim-modal transportation network for the region.  

CAMPO conducts area studies in order to achieve more robust community engagement and focus on specific network issues in smaller areas within its planning jurisdiction. Outcomes and recommendations from this SEAS Update will inform the region's long range transportation plan.

The current SEAS Update began in 2022 and is anticipated to be completed in 2023.

Participate in the Study! 

The Study Team will be conducting engagement activities throughout the month of July. The SEAS Update is a community-driven plan. The planning process is incomplete without the voices of key stakeholders and the public. 

Events still being updated - please double-check the Calendar

- Smithfield StrEATery on 7/15
- Wilson's Mills Farmers Market on 7/16
Rockin Concert in Selma on 7/21
- Clayton Farmers Market on 7/23
Smithfield Flea Market on 7/24
- SE Regional Library - Wake County - 7/27 and 7/30
Clayton Last Friday Market on 7/29